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Coast to Coast with Alice

The true story of the first woman to drive a motorcar across the U.S., told from the point of view of a teenager who accompanied Alice Ramsey as a mechanic on the New Jersey-to-California trip … in 1909, where there were few roads west of the Mississippi River.

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American Women on the Move: The inside story of the National Women’s Conference, 1977

(c) 2016 by Patricia Rusch Hyatt and Shelah Gilbert Leader

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Pat and Shelah both worked on the staff of the 1977 International Women’s Year convention, a feminist milestone as important as Seneca Falls and far more geographically representative of American women.  The book covers the years of planning by two Presidential administrations, months of state and territorial meetings that attracted thousands of women, many of whom had never participated in any activity involving women’s issues.














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